Grandmasters of Knights Templar

List of Grandmasters of Knights Templar. Famous Templar grandmasters and leaders. Hugo of Payens, Jacques de Molay.

Templar grandmasters were leaders of Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon. Each country had its own Master, and the Masters reported to the Grand Master.

Knights Templars
Knights Templars charge

Full hierarchy and ranks of Knights Templar.

List of Templar Grandmasters

Hugues de Payens (1118-1136)
Robert de Craon (1136-1147)
Everard des Barres (1147-1151)
Bernard de Tremelay (1151-1153)
André de Montbard (1153-1156)
Bertrand de Blanchefort (1156-1169)
Philippe de Milly (1169-1171)
Odo de St Amand    (1171-1179)
Arnold of Torroja (1181-1184)
Gerard de Ridefort (1185-1189)
Robert de Sablé (1191-1193)
Gilbert Horal (1193-1200)
Phillipe de Plessis (1201-1208)
Guillaume de Chartres (1209-1219)
Pedro de Montaigu (1218-1232)
Armand de Périgord (1232-1244)
Richard de Bures (1244/5-1247)
Guillaume de Sonnac (1247-1250)
Renaud de Vichiers (1250-1256)
Thomas Bérard (1256-1273)
Guillaume de Beaujeu (1273-1291)
Thibaud Gaudin     1291-1292
Jacques de Molay (1292-1314)

The most famous Knights Templars

Hugues de Payens
French knight from the Champagne region, was the co-founder and first Grand Master of the Knights Templar. With Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, he created the Latin Rule, the code of behavior for the Order.

Hugues de Payns
Hugues de Payns

Jacques de Molay
The last Grandmaster of Knights Templar and probably the most famous templar ever. Executed in 1314 (burned at the stake ) by order of Philip IV, king of France and Clement V., pope.

Jacques de Molay
Jacques de Molay

Swords of Knights Templar

Templar swords

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