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Imperial Forge

Imperial Forge proclamation
“I have been involved in the Japanese Sword Arts for many years and have personal experience with most of the mass produced swords from Europe , Asia , and Japan . I have also had the pleasure of training with and cutting with Japanese hand forged ancient as well as modern Katanas . The Imperial Sword Line offers the modern martial artist a sword that not only “feels” good in the hand , but “delivers” both in the dojo and in the cutting circle . Fit and finish are excellent , with a blade that just “wants to cut” I recomend the Imperial Line of Swords to all my students and to all those of you interested in this truely timeless art .”

Imperial Forge review
Imperial forge supply quality Samurai swords with real clay hamon.
Used steels: 1060 and 1080 folded steels, 1050 spring steel.
The Tsuba, Kashira and Fuchi are expertly crafted from black iron. The Habaki is also hand made, using polished brass. Every Tsuka is hand covered in authentic ray skin then tightly wrapped in a traditional cross-over style green cord Ito.

Overall rating: good quality, nice look, authentic materials and process. Reasonable price.

Imperial forge products
Our store offers 4 Imperial Forge swords yet.

Imperial Forge Competitive Cutting katana
Folded Japanese katana sword made for tameshigiri.

Imperial Forge Competition Cutting Katana
Imperial Forge Competition Cutting Katana


Imperial Forge Kesshi Katana Limited Edition
Special limited editon of the Japanese sword. Red color. Folded steel blade.

Kesshi Katana Limited Edition
Kesshi Katana Limited Edition


Imperial Forge Toumoku Katana
1050 spring steel katana. Violet color.

Imperial Forge Toumoku Katana
Imperial Forge Toumoku Katana


Toumoku Wakizashi
Toumoku katana matching wakizashi.


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