Medieval Warrior Fest

European Medieval Warriors Festival is a yearly event you can see in Tabor city in Czech (former Hussite base). Best of medieval fights, stunts, scening fencing. ARGO warriors.

medieval fight

If you like history, fencing, beautiful ladies in historical costumes and if you live in Europe this could be a great idea for you.

The medieval fest has been found by Petr Nusek, ARGO warriors founder. These guys were stunts in movies and TV series like Narnia, Tristan and Isolde, The Last Samurai, Borgia, Hellboy, Blade II, Bathory.

Hussite mill
Hussite mill with pub and armoury

You can see tons of scenic fencing fights, you can try shooting by a medieval bow, you can visit a great medieval and renaissance armoury and if you are too tired you can visit the Hussite pub.

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ARGO Warriors:

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