Renshu Katana Swords from Hanwei

Renshu Katana swords from Hanwei. Renshu samurai sword info, pictures and reviews. Special limited edition sword made of 5160 spring steel at affordable price.

Renshu katana swords
Hanwei’s Renshu Series of samurai swords combines robust 5160 spring steel through-hardened blades with the economical handle fittings of the Practical Series. This combination makes an affordable sword that will hold up well to cutting practice without the fear of harming an expensive sword.

The katanas are made with and without Bo-hi (groove).

Limited edition swords
The production of the Renshu models will cease after the initial run of 300 swords world-wide is reached. Once our stock has run out we will not be able to receive any further Renshu swords, making these performance-oriented swords a rare item for the Hanwei enthusiast.

Renshu katanas pictures:

Renshu Maru Katana Sword
Hanwei Renshu Maru Katana Sword
Renshu Mokko Katana Sword
Hanwei Renshu Mokko Katana Sword

Renshu Katana Review

Renshu katanas for sale

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