Complete List of Viking Gods and Goddesses

Complete list of viking Gods and Goddesses. List of viking Gods and heroes. Viking mythology. Viking Gods in alphabetical order.

List of Viking Gods and Goddesses - Viking mythology
List of Viking Gods and Goddesses

Aegir – beer, gold, hospitality, sea & water.

Baldur – light, wisdom & wisdom.

Bil – destiny & weaving.

Bragi – knowledge.

Eir – healing, medicine & women.

Forseti – justice & peace

Frey – fertility & travel

Freya – fertility, prophecy, sex, sexuality (feminine), war, wealth & weather.

Frigg – fertility, marriage & motherhood,

Fulla/Volla – grain, messenger & virgins.

Gefjon – generosity, prophecy, sea & virgins.

Gna – horses, messenger & travel.

Gullveig – gold & triple goddess

Heimdal – guardian, light & watchman of the gods.

Hel – underworld

– communication, courage & messenger.

Hlin – consolation & protection of men.

Hod – war.

Hoenir – intelligence, light & silence.

Huldra – song, trees, forests & woodlands.

Idun – youth.

Jord/Fjorgyn – earth.

Kvasir – peace, poetry & wisdom.

Lodur – speech.

Lofn – love, marriage & passion.

Loki – On the day of Ragnarok, Loki’s chains will break and he will lead the giants into battle against the gods.

Magni – strength.

Mimir – wisdom.

Modi – courage.

Nanna -cleanliness, the moon & purification.

Nerthus – earth, peace, poetry, trees, forests & woodlands

Njord – sea & wind.

Norns – destiny & fate.

Odin – god of death, knowledge, poetry, rune magic, travel, war, warriors, & wisdom.

Ran – sea.

Saga – prophecy.

Sif – crops.

Sjofn/Vjofn – harmony, love & marriage.

Skadi – hunting & skiing.

Snotra – gentleness, knowledge, self-discipline & wisdom.

Syn – guardian & justice.

Thor – the life force, lightning, strength, thunder & thunder storms

Tiwaz/Tyr – battle, courage, justice, law, solemn oaths & war.

Ull – hunting & skiing.

Vali – war.

Var – marriage, promises & vows

– speech.

Vidar – freedom, independence & strength.

Vili – will.

Vor – contracts, faith, insight, marriage, promises & vows, self-discipline & wisdom.

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    • Indeed your discription of Loki is not correct, he is the father of hel, Loki some times assists the gods and sometimes causes problems for them. Loki is a shape shifter and in separate incidents, common interpretations say he is the god of mischief, but actual norse scripture shows otherwise.

  1. Awesome page. Loke, as we say in Sweden is the mother to Odens horse Sleipner. Weird but true.
    And Tor uses his hammer Mjölner to fight the giants. So in Sweden when it is raining with thunder and lightning we say that it is Tor who is riding in his wagon and throwing his hammer.
    As I said, great page 🙂

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