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Who is the Best Sword Maker

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Who is the best sword maker in the world? List of top sword manufacturers. Vote for best sword manufacturer.

List of sword manufacturers

CAS Hanwei
Thaitsuki Nihonto
Cold Steel
United Cutlery
Mariano Zamorano
Valiant Armoury
Master Cutlery
Museum Replicas



Marto Swords: Deluxe Sword of King Solomon

Marto Swords: Deluxe Sword of King Solomon

Deluxe Sword of King Solomon

Hanwei Swords

Hanwei Swords - Fuku Riu Katana

Hanwei Swords - Fuku Riu Katana

Hanwei Swords – Fuku Riu Katana

Thaitsuki Nihonto

Roiyaru Sanmai Katana Limited Edition

Roiyaru Sanmai Katana Limited Edition

Roiyaru Sanmai katana Limited Edition

Cold Steel

Shamshir-Persian Sabre by Cold Steel

Shamshir-Persian Sabre

Shamshir – Persian Sabre

United Cutlery

Anduril Sword by United Cutlery

Anduril Sword

Anduril Sword

Mariano Zamorano

Funtional Spanish Tizona Rapier by Mariano Zamorano

Funtional Spanish Tizona Rapier

Functional Spanish Tizona Rapier


Ryumon Raijin Black Katana

Ryumon Raijin Black Katana

Raijin Black Katana

Valiant Armoury

Actium-Roman sword by Valiant Armoury

Actium-Roman sword

Actium-Roman sword

Master Cutlery

Kill Bill Hand Made Sword by Master Cutlery

Kill Bill Hand Made Sword

Kill Bill Hand Made Sword

Museum Replicas

300 Spartan Sword  by Museum Replicas

300 Spartan Sword

300 Spartan Sword

You can vote for the best sword manufacturer in the following poll. Use comment form to recommend any other sword maker you like.

Best Sword Maker Poll

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20 Responses to “Who is the Best Sword Maker”
  1. A Witch King says:

    I voted for United Cutlery coz i love fantasy swords and Kit rae designs.

  2. Peter Wong says:

    Marto and Hanwei are the best brands in this industry.

  3. Godfred says:

    I can personally recommend Paul Chen swords (Hanwei).

  4. Mike says:

    My experience:

    Kit Rae has the best design, Thaitsuki Nihonto crafts the best combat katanas in the world. I was a huge sci fi fan so i bought Highlander katana from Marto years ago. I am still happy with the sword.

    PS: I cannot recommend cheap MC swords.

    Mike Swenson, Sweden

  5. bogdan says:

    If we are not speaking about a factory style production, my bet would be on Daniel Watson.

    I know that they are quite expensive compared with the others, but you would have a great sword made with one of the strongest steel available out there… I’ve discovered them after I saw the episode of Mythbusters where a katana was supposed to cut through a barrel Browning 30 cal. machinegun… the Angelswords blade was the only one to do that… not only that but it gave a double cut.

  6. Sword collector says:

    Definitely Hanwei and Marto from the list above.

  7. Di Pietro says:

    I have 4 hanwei swords in my collection. I am happy with every blade.

  8. FRODO says:

    United cutlery is my pick.

  9. katana says:

    I think the hanwei Paul Chen swords are definitely the best.

  10. Outlander says:

    United cutlery is the best coz i am fantasy fan.

  11. Gandalf says:

    United Cutlery has a great fantasy design. Their swords are true collectible pieces and excellent movie replicas. The only problem is yoou cannot seriously use these swords for a real fight.

  12. Thomas P. says:

    Hanwei crafts affordable and very sharp and quality swords, Marto produces probably nicest swords.

  13. MARA says:

    Musashi is a very affordable sword maker but their swords are quality. Paul chen is the most famous sword maker.

  14. Thedragonsedge says:

    I vote for United Cutlery. Because of Gil Hibben and Kit Rea were designers for them

  15. Tomoe says:

    Paul Chen-Hanwei.

  16. Manhaim says:

    Hanwei and Musashi produce the best Japanese swords, Marto and Valiant armoury create the best middle-age swords and stuff.

  17. Sword says:

    In all yes Marto and Hanwei are the best there is but I voted for cold steel because they possesses the one thing not all sword makers have, and that’s durability, I’ve kept a sword that roughly 8 years old from cold steel and it still looks brand new.

  18. clint says:

    Howard Clark!

  19. asfilon says:

    Marto is the best

  20. Anonymous says:

    Peter Johnsson hands down, European and Viking style if you can afford him.
    Howard Clark Japanese and Asian styles swords.
    You’re not going to find the best sword for under $2000, just not going to happen.

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