The Best Sword

The Best Sword-my list of top 10 sword of all times. The swords i love the most.

It is really difficult to say what sword is the best. Here is my sword top list.

Top 10 Swords

Roman Gladius
Short and fast weapon of Roman legions. Gladius was double edged sword used mostly for stabbing.

Roman Gladius - Best sword
Roman Gladius

Persian Shamshir
Fast weapon usually used by cavalry. Predecessor of european sabre. Scimitar, Arabic saif, Indian talwar, Persian shamshir, and Turkish kilij and yatagan or Mameluke (Mamluk) sword.

Persian Shamshir - Best sword
Persian Shamshir

Chinese Han sword
Chinese, cavalry 2 handed sword used during rule of Han Dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD).

Chinese Han Sword - best sword
Chinese Han Sword

Viking sword
Early medieval European sword used by rich viking leaders. Deadly weapon in hand of skilled warriors from Scandinavia.

Viking Sword - Best sword
Viking Sword

Claymore sword
2 handed medieval great sword. Huge and deadly sword developed in Scotland.

Claymore - Best sword
Claymore sword

Medieval Long Sword
Typical sword of medieval knights. Simple and effective weapon.

Medieval Long sword of knights
Long Sword

Fast and legendary sword of Japanese samurais. One of the most beautiful sword ever made.

Katana - best sword of samurais

Ninja sword
Ninjato – straight Japanese sword of Ninja fighters.

Ninja sword - best sword
Ninja sword-Ninjato

Very fast and thin sword masively used between 16th-18th century. Very elegant sword, sword of duels.

Rapier - best sword
Rapier sword

Curved blade used by cavalry and other troops till 20th century. Legendary sword of Polish Hussars.

Sabre - best sword
Sabre (Saber)


  1. Katana is best. This is the most elegant and a very fast weapon. If i can pick one from the list above…it will be katana.

    Fidas, France

  2. I like the medieval long sword., why because it is a typical sword of medieval knights. Simple and effective weapon. who agree with me?

  3. I am looking for a tri-bladed epee or rapier. In addition, a walking cane sword, with a shepard crook handle for a man 6’2″ 275 pounds, that can actually be used as a cane and if ever need be a weapon of self defence.

  4. choosing a sword is like choosing a martial arts it’s a question of culture and the one that’s fits to you personally it’s a matter of feeling.
    Sitting on a horse i will choose the Shamshir, but standing up for a one to one a would prefer a Katana if the battle field is full with many opponents i would take 2 Wakizashi with minimum 15″ blade!

    cheers friends

  5. well looks like u guys have not heard of urumi its an Indian sword,Used in the martial arts called kalari.Its in a flexible sword which is like a whip, usually wound around the waist like a belt.A seasoned kalari warrior can use the urumi to kill up to 9 or more people at ones. But it an amature tries to use it he WILL SURELY END UP DEAD.

  6. I like the Chinese Jian the most. The traditional forging technique includes folding and differential hardening of the steel. It is well balanced, so a fast, flexible fighting style is possible.

  7. All swords were very effective at the jobs they were designed to do. Some were designed to be used against unarmoured opponents, others against very heavily armoured opponents and others in between.

    While i do agree that the katana is a very beautiful sword I also believe it is a very over rated sword. Personaly I prefer a European long sword.

    I have had extensive experience using both sword types in cutting tests and combat situations and have determined that the long sword is definately the more versatile of the two.

    It is a myth that the katana is the sharpest, lightest and strongest sword ever. Long swords are just as sharp, just as strong, often lighter, much more flexible, longer and have two sharp edges.

    Folding the metal of a sword blade was a way of working the impurities out of iron and adding carbon to make steel, not simply because it makes a better sword. Europeans stopped doing it because they had access to higher quality raw materials, something resource poor Japan always had to contend with.

    Hollywood has a lot to answer for as far as putting the Katana on a pedestal.

    • Not a myth, the best metalsmith called masamune would fold and shape his blades over 1000 times using both hard sturdy metal on inside and a flexable metal around it which gives it both sharpness and strength, as well as the shape being a long slender blade with a curved edge much like a shamshir so unlike a long sword and such blade would come down in a chopping motion not using sharpness but more of strength, but the curve blades use strength and finese using a chopping motion like the long sword but then using a slice at the end to cut with sharpness.

    • katana is good for both. Ever seen samurai armor? it’s multi plated like scales while midevil armor is just a solid sheet of metal like a metal can and a katana effectivly cuts the samurai armor just fine. It’s how the sword is used, which is why there is a martial art solely for the katana.

  8. for single combat I would take the long sword or Claymore.
    The Gladius is a nice weapon for close quarters in a tight formation but is intended to be used with a shield.

  9. Nice choices, my top choice would definitely be the katana though. I have been doing research on the Bushido and the samurai’s and is now one of my favorites. The history of the samurai is fascinating. Thank you and nice article.

    β€œThe best fighter is never angry.”
    ― Lao Tzu

    • I agree, in my opinion the better swords are curved while the lessers are straight. My reasoning is because the katana as an example of curved uses the strength of what a long sword would use but since it’s curved, with the training, it is used like a chef’s knife which is about slicing. So come down with the sword and snap the wrist before impact to use the curve in a slicing motion for max damage.

  10. All those swords are sweet. My personal pick would be the katana as it has been a favorite of mine since I was a youngster. In the right hands any of those blades would be lethal.

  11. There is no such thing as the best sword, in my opinion, just the best sword for YOU.
    If I had to choose any sword that I knew about, I would go for +Ulfberh+t. For those who don’t know what sword that is I would suggest looking it up, there’s a whole documentary on it called “secrets of the viking sword”.
    It is just a normal sword by its looks, but the make up of the metal is what makes it beautiful. i agree, the Katana cuts like nothing else, but i don’t think that makes it the best sword. because, in my mind, cutting isnt everything.

    people see the Katana as a beautiful sword, it sure looks sweet, but to me, a beautiful sword is the one that works best for me.

    I personally like straight blades better because they are MUCH more versatile than curved blades. with a straight blade you can still deliver powerful blows AND block much easier than if the blade were curved, yes a curved blade might cut better, but you cant counter attack your attacker if your dead. and, you can still cut through limbs with a straight edged sword, so I see no need to sacrifice my defense just to get a better cut, when I already have a very decent cut.

    I’d like to emphasize that:
    you can STILL cut though limbs with a straight edged sword, so I see NO NEED to SACRIFICE my DEFENSE just to get a better cut, when I already have a VERY decent cut.

    And one more thing with straight edge swords, their ability to pierce is so much more powerful than a curved blade. because all of the energy is going in a straight line straight to the point of the sword,
    whereas, a curved sword is… well… curved, so when you stab, all of the energy is having to curve around with the blade, putting stress on the spine of the blade, and because the energy has to curve, your losing it. when you thrust with a curved blade your forcing energy to curve with the blade, so in other words it is constantly changing direction, right? now the energy your using is in the form of velocity, acceleration is defined as CHANGE in velocity, velocity is defined as speed and direction. so if your energy is in the form of velocity and it’s changing, then a large part of the energy you put into thrusting is being lost in the curve of the BLADE!

    now, I am still in high school, a lot of what I said is fact, and a lot of what i said is opinion, and some of what is said is me hypothesizing… but this is currently where stand on the matter of swords, though I imagine my opinion will probably change as time goes on.

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