Medieval Castles in Scandinavia

Medieval castles in Scandinavia. Castles and fortresses in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Viking castles. Pictures of beautiful Scandinavian architecture.

Castles in Sweden

Royal Palace in Stockholm
Residence of Swedish kings. The first building on this site was a fortress with a core tower built in the 13th century by Birger Jarl to defend Lake Mälaren.

Royal Palace in Stockholm, Scandinavian castles
Royal Palace in Stockholm

Gripsholm castle
Gripsholm castle is one of the finest castles in Sweden. Renaissance castle built around 1380.

Gripsholm Castle Sweden, Castles in Sweden
Gripsholm Castle, Sweden

Bohus castle
Bohus castle is Swedish castle located on borders with Norway. Castle was controlled by Norway, Norway-Denmark and by Sweden today. Construction began in 1308 under King Haakon V Magnuson, king of Norway.

Bohus Castle, Castles in Sweden
Bohus Castle, Sweden

Carlsten castle
Carlsten, located on the western Swedish cost served as fortress protecting province of Bohuslän.

Carlsten castle in Sweden, Carlten fortress
Carlsten castle, Sweden

Uppsala castle
Swedish royal castle of 16th century founded by Gustav Vasa. Uppsala was religious center of Sweden.

Uppsala castle in Sweden, Medieval castles in Sweden
Uppsala castle in Sweden

Vyborg castle
Vyborg is a Swedish castle located in present Finland. Medieval fortress from 13th century, built by orders of Torkel Knutsson, the Lord High Constable of Sweden who made in 1290s a so-called crusade to Karelia, the so-called Third Finnish Crusade, actually aimed against Russians in Novgorod. Vyborg castle is a place of famous medieval tournaments and events.

Vybork castle in Finland
Vyborg-Swedish castle in Finland

Castles in Norway

Akershus castle
Akershus castle is a medieval castle that was built to protect Oslo, the present capital of Norway. The castle has also been used as a prison.

Akershus castle in Norway. Medieval castles in Scandinavia.
Akershus castle in Norway

Trondheim fortress
Trondheim was capital of Norway during age of vikings.

Trondheim fortress in Norway, Castles in Norway
Trondheim fortress in Norway

Sverresborg  castle in Bergen
Medieval fortress built by king Sverre Sigurdsson (1150–1202).

Sverresborg castle in Norway
Sverresborg castle in Norway

Castles in Denmark

Kronborg castle
Kronborg is located in Copenhagen, also known as as Elsinore (Helsingør) in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Kronborg castle was built in the 1420s by the Danish king, Eric of Pomerania.

Kronborg Castle Denmark Hamlet castle
Kronborg Castle in Denmark (Elsinore castle in Hamlet)

Aggersborg-viking castle
Aggersborg is the biggest Danish viking fortresses, built at the same time period as the Trelleborg, Fyrkat and Nonnebakken viking fortresses in 980-981 AD by King Harald Bluetooth.

Aggersborg, viking castle in Denmark
Aggersborg, viking castle in Denmark

Egeskov castle
Egeskov is a formidable Danish water castle built in 14th century.

Egeskov water castle in Denmark, Danish castles
Egeskov water castle in Denmark

Amalienborg Palace
Winter residence of Danish kings. Other royal residences in Denmark: Fredensborg Palace, Marselisborg Palace, Gråsten Palace, The Hermitage Palace, Sorgenfri Palace, Château de Cayx, Schackenborg Castle.

Amalienborg Palace Denmark
Amalienborg Palace Denmark, Royal palace

Frederiksborg castle
Largest renaissance castle in Scandinavia. Frederiksborg castle is a castle in Hillerød, Denmark. It was built as a royal residence for King Christian IV, and is now known as The Museum of National History.

Frederiksborg Castle Denmark, Medieval castles in Scandinavia
Frederiksborg Castle Denmark

Viking SwordsMedieval swords


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