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Miniature Templar Knight Sword Silver



Miniature Templar Knight Sword Silver by Marto, Toledo. Mini ceremonial sword of Templar order. Overal length 8 inches. Templar cross in pommel. Crusader sword.

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Miniature Templar Sword Silver

Crusader sword

The Templar order was established in 1118 to ensure the custody of the Holy places and to protect the pilgrimage travel routes. The order reached its maximum splendor in the 13th century.The knights Templar considered themselves as the knights of God, honor of the church and Christianity. They were a very well organized military force and were the front line forces during the Crusades.During a century, they ensured the effective government of the kingdom of Constantinople. The only obeyed the Pope, and had properties in all of Europe and the Middle East.

Made by Marto, Toledo, Spain.

Mini Templar sword features
Overall Length: 8 inches
Silver Finished

Miniature swords.

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