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Musashi Dynasty Katana Sword SS678



Musashi Dynasty Katana Sword SS678. Affordable samurai sword from Musashi. Functional, hand forged, 4000+ layer Damascus steel blade.

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Musashi Dynasty Samurai Katana Sword

Musashi sword model: SS678.

A hand forged, 4000+ layer Damascus steel blade which is fully sharpened and a fully functional sword. It has an iron tsuba, an authentic rayskin and cotton cord wrapped tsuka (double pegged) and a black lacquered wood saya. It also comes with a sword bag, a maintenance kit and a display box!

Amazing features for a great price!

Dynasty katana features

Blade: 28"
Handle: 11"
Overall: 40 ½"


Sword accessoires: sword box, sword bag, cleaning set and certificate of authenticity.


Musashi swords-Affordable and quality samurai swords.

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