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Damascene jewelry
Damascene jewelry Toledo Spain-Midas gold and silver damascene jewelry handcrafted in Toledo, Spain. Religious jewelry, christian crosses, knight crosses, medieval pendants and rosery. Judaic jewelry for sale.

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  • Damascene rosary
    Damascene rosary hand made by Midas in Toledo Spain. Gold and silver christian rosary for churches and believers.
  • Damascene Zippo Lighters
    Zippo Lighters - damascene zippo lighters from Toledo Spain. Medieval zippo lighters with knights, warriors and castles.
  • Damascene Earrings
    Damascene Earrings for sale. Damascene jewelry by Midas Toledo Spain. Hand made damascene jewelry.
  • Damascene Spoons
    Damascene golden spoons made by Midas Toledo Spain. Damascene collectible flatware for sale.
  • Damascene Bracelets
    Damascene bracelets by Midas fromToledo Spain. Hand made bracelets with damascene design. 24k gold and sterling silver bracelets. Damascene jewelry.
  • Damascene Brooch
    Damascene brooch by Midas Toledo Spain. Colelctible, golden damascene jewelry for women and men. Templar, Judaic and medieval hand made jewelry.
  • Damascene Keychains
    Damascene Keychains for sale. Damascene jewelry by Midas Toledo Spain. 24K gold damascene jewelry. Get a luxury key chains with Templar, Spanish, medieval or a nature design.
  • Damascene Pill Box
    Damascene pill box for sale. Boxes for damascene jewels made by Midas Toledo Spain. Round, square and heart pill boxes made of gold with a traditional damascene design.
  • Damascene Compact Mirrors
    Damascene Compact Mirrors-Hand made damascene jewelry from Midas, Toledo, Spain. Compact mirrors made of gold with a traditional damascene design.
  • Jewelry Box
    Jewelry Box. Damascene jewelry from Toledo Spain. Luxury boxes for jewelry in a medieval style.
  • Christian crosses
    Christian crosses-damascene gold and silver crosses. Latin crosses, patriarchal and templar crosses. Hand made damascene jewelry by Midas from Toledo, Spain.
  • Damascene Judaic jewelry
    Damascene Judaic jewelry-hand made damascene jewelry from Midas in Toledo, Spain. David star pendants, keyrings. Judaic jewels.
  • Damascene Watches
    Damascene watches made of 24k gold. Damscene watches by Midas-hand made production from Toledo, Spain. Traditional damascene jewelry production.
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Showing 1 - 24 of 103 items
Showing 1 - 24 of 103 items