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Medieval Armor

Medieval Armor for sale. Suits of armor and parts of knight armor: shields, helmets, breastplates, shoulders and pauldrons. Mail armor. Ancient armor, medieval armor, renaissance armor and Napoleonic armor.

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  • Suit of Armor

    Suit of Armor - Medieval Armor. Top quality suit of armor for sale. Knight armor, jousting armor, Templar armor, Medieval, gothic and renaissance armor. Royal armor reproductions. Functional and decorative suits of armor with swords and lances. Medieval and renaissance armor made by Marto in Toledo, Spain. Reproduction of the real royal armor exhibted in Spanish museums. Polish Hussar armor made in Poland.

  • Polish Hussar Armor

    Polish Hussar Armor. Armor of winged hussars. Suits of hussar armor. Hussar helmets, cuirass, gorget and other parts of armor. True hussar armor made by artisan smiths in Poland.

    Polish winged hussars were probably the best heavy cavalry in military history.

  • Helmets

    Helmets - Medieval Armor. Knight helmets, crusader helmets, Roman and Greek helmets, Gladiator helmets, viking and Norman helmets for sale. Helmets of the warriors from history. Burgonet, great helm, spangenhelm, sallet, legionary and centurion helmets. Napoleonic helemts. Fantasy helmets.

  • Breastplates

    Breastplates - Medieval armor. Knight armor. Breast plates and cuirass for sale. Medieval armor, ancient armor and Napoleonic armor. Greek, Spartan, Roman, Knight, Templar and Cuirassier breastplates. Roman Lorica segmentata.

  • Gauntlets

    Gauntlets - Medieval Armor. Gauntlets of a medieval knight. Knight gauntlets for sale. Part of a medieval armor.

  • Miniature Helmets

    Miniature Helmets - Medieval Armor. Mini helmets from Toledo, Spain. Miniature knight and crusader helmets, mini helmets of the famous warriors from history. Miniature Roman, Greek, viking helmets.

  • Miniature Suit of Armor

    Miniature Suit of Armor - Medieval Armor. Knight statuettes. Perfect medieval decor and gifts. Mini templar armor. Mounted knights.

  • Shields

    Shields for sale. Knight shields, Templar shields, viking shields, Norman shields, shields with coat of arms, Scottish, Roman shields (scutum) and Greek shields.

  • Sport Armor

    Sport armor-helmets and parts of medieval armor for sport and safe sword fight / fencing. Historical armor remade to offer an improved safety.

  • Napoleonic Armor

    Napoleonic Armor-Armor of Napoleonic wars. Napoleonic cuirass. French, Austrian, English, Prussian Napoleonic armor. Cavalry armor of the 19th century. Check for complete Napoleonic saber sword line.

  • WW1 and WW2 Military...

    WW1 and WW2 military helmets for sale. World war military helmets. German, Japanese and Prussian Pickelhaube military helmets.

  • Sword Belts

    Sword Belts-medieval, Greek, Roman, Viking, knight and fantasy belts. Sword belts for sale. Belts for rapiers. Belts for armor, costumes and historical uniforms.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 129 items