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Samurai Swords - Katana, Tachi, Tanto, Wakizashi. Quality hand crafted Japanese swords.

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  • Cold Steel Katana Swords

    Cold Steel Katana Swords. Samurai swords by CS. Monosteel katanas made of 1060 steel and the new folded steel katanas. Japanese swords.

  • SkyJiro Forge Katana...

    SkyJiro Forge Katana Swords. SkyJiro forges swords of tradition and beauty, the refined blades made by SkyJiro Forge offer an excellent choice of options, including swords made using Traditional Tamahagane (Steel smelted from Iron Sand), Oroshigane (Steel smelted from Iron Pieces), Forge-Folded blades, Forged Edge-Tempered, Forged Through-Tempered also using SkyJiro Forge Special Proprietary Blade Hardening. Excellent swords for beginners, the martial artists and collectors. All Skyjiro katanas are sharp shinkens suitable for cutting.

  • Thaitsuki Swords

    Thaitsuki Swords-top quality samurai swords made by Thaitsuki Nihonto forge. Luxury katana and wakizashi swords. Hand made Japanese swords for sale.

  • Citadel Katana Swords

    Citadel Katana Swords are made by hand in Cambodia. Each citadel katana is made of 1075 high carbon steel and polished in 5 steps. The result is an unique, beautiful and top quality samurai katana sword.

  • Dragon King Samurai...

    Dragon King Samurai Sword. Swords made by Frenchie Jin, distributed by Hanwei. Katanas are made in Dalian (City of Swords), China. Dragon King produces entry level 5160 carbon steel and high end folded katana swords.

  • YariNoHanzo Katana Swords

    YariNoHanzo katana swords: wide range of quality katanas made of 1045, 1060, 1095, 9260 spring steel. YNH top katanas feature a blades made of all these steels. The katana swords are tribute to famous Japanese samurai lords or to samurai clans like Hosokawa, Minamoto, Taira. YariNoHanzo swords are made in Europe. Any sword can be delivered as a sharp shinken for cutting or a iaito sword for iaido practice.

  • Imperial Forge Katana...

    Imperial Forge Katana swords for sale. Japanese swords made by Imperial Forge. Functional, sharp and battle ready samurai katanas. Kesshi katana, Competition cutting katana, Toumoku katana and wakizashi.

  • Musashi Katana Swords

    Musashi Katana swords. Affordable Japanese samurai swords made by Musashi. Reasonable quality at a low price.

  • Cheap Samurai Swords

    Cheap Samurai Swords from Musashi, Masahiro and Bushido. Very affordable Japanese samurai and ninja swords. Budget swords for sale. Samurai sword deals.

  • Katanas

    Katana swords. Nihonto-Japanese samurai swords. Katana swords from Cold Steel, Hanwei (Paul Chen). SkyJiro Forge, Thaitsuki Nihonto, YNH, Citadel, Dragon King, Marto. Razor sharp shinken swords. Affordable katana swords from United Cutlery, Master Cutlery, Ryumon, Masahiro and Ten Ryu. Movie and fantasy katana swords from Marto.

  • Military Gunto

    Gunto sword-Imperial Japanese military Gunto swords for sale. Japanese Shin Gunto swords and Kyu Gunto sabers. Japanese swords of ww1 and ww2 period.

  • Shirasaya

    Shirasaya-katana blade without tsuba. Japanese samurai katana swords stored in a plain wood saya. Shirasay katana from manufacturers: Hanwei, Musashi, YNH, Ryumon.

  • Tachi

    Tachi - Samurai sword. Tachi is a Japanese sword, more curved and slightly longer than the katana. Tachi was used by a mounted samurais. Tachi was worn hung from the belt with the cutting-edge down.

  • Wakizashi

    Wakizashi - quality handcrafted samurai swords from Toledo, Spain. Wakizashi swords.

  • Tanto

    Tanto - Japanese dagger. Tanto means "short blade" and it was used as dagger. Tanto evolved in Heian period (from 8th century). Tanto became an inspiration for a modern tactical knives in west from 80s.

  • Sword Sets

    Sword Sets - samurai sword sets. Katana, wakizashi (daisho) and tanto. High quality Japanese swords in sets created by Hanwei - Paul Chen, Marto, Musashi, Ryumon, Thaitsuki, YariNoHanzo and other samurai sword manufacturers.

  • Weapons

    Samurai weapons - naginata, yari, sai, kama and other weapons from medieval Japan.

  • Custom Katana Swords

    Custom katana swords-hand made katana sword with optional attributes. Get your own unique katana. Custom swords from Thaitsuki forge. Hand made samurai swords.

  • Kaneie Samurai Swords

    Kaneie Samurai Swords: awesome samurai katana swords: Tamahagane collection, Menkyo collection, Okuden collection and Batto collection. Kaneie forges their own samurai sword blades adhering closely to the traditional Japanese shapes but use modern steels to produce a superior overall production sword. Kaneie forge is based in Shanghai.

  • Samurai Armor

    Samurai Armor for sale. Parts of Japanese armor. Helmets: samurai kabuto and mempo. Complete suits of Japanese samurai armor. Japanese armor made by Paul Chen, Hanwei and by Deepeeka.

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Showing 97 - 120 of 161 items