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Special Medieval Stuff

Special Medieval Stuff - Sword display stands, sword letter openers, medieval tapestry, banners and pendants, sword care. Figurines of medieval warriors.

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  • Magnifying Glass
    Magnifying Glass - antique magnifying glass - Templar collection. Knights Templar magnifying glasses by Marto, Toledo.
  • History Flags and Banners

    History Flags and Banners for sale. Medieval, knight, Templar, Roman and German nazi flags and banners.

  • Medieval Pens
    Medieval pens for collectors and medieval fans. Antique knights Templar ball point pens.
  • Medieval Tapestry
    Medieval Tapestry - wall medieval tapestries. Medieval decor.
  • Pendants
    Pendants - Medieval Decor. Conan pendants, Knights Templar pendants. Templar cross.
  • Sword Care
    Sword Care - Medieval Weapons. Sword care maintenance kits.
  • Medieval Cushions
    Medieval Cushions with symbols of Knight Orders. Templar, Hospitaller, Teutonic, St. James and Calatrava crosses on the medieval pillows.
  • Medieval Chess Sets
    Medieval Chess Sets. Luxury medieval chess sets with damascene design. Beautiful chess sets from Toledo Spain.
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Showing 1 - 24 of 100 items
Showing 1 - 24 of 100 items