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Antique Czechoslovak Police Sabre Model 1929


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Antique Czechoslovak Police Sabre Model 1929. Antique police sabre sword, Czechoslovakian gendarme. Time period: interwar. Inscription: Wlasztovits.

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Antique Czechoslovak Police Sabre Model 1929

Czechoslovak police, interwar period.

Inscription: Wlasztovits, Štos a ČET, 7599.

Sabre length: 27.2"

Czechoslovak gendarme was one of the best trained security corps in prewar Europe.

Many Czechoslovak gendarme and police officers were former legionaries from Russian front.

Czechoslovak legions were able to conquest and keep half of Siberia for 2 years.

These 50 000 men were able to repeately defeat Soviet Red Army. They were the only power Lenin was trully scared of during Russian civil war.


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