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Antique Hungarian Sabre 1811 Damascus


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Antique Hungarian Sabre 1811 Damascus blade. Luxury Hungarian cavalry officer sabre. Custom made sabre sword.

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Antique Hungarian Sabre 1811 Damascus blade


Luxury Custom made Hungarian sabre sword: damascus blade, rich decorations, widened blade, decorated handle made of horn instead of leather.

The sabre belonged to a Hungarian cavalry officer or a noble (Hungarian magnate).

The basic 1811 sabre model was tuned to perfection.

No scabbard.

Sabre length: 34.3"

Blade: 29.5"

Blade width: 1.457"

Authentic elite Hungarian sabre from early 19th century.

Original swords and sabres
Our genuine swords come from Europe.
Each sword comes with a certificate of origin with a description and history signed by a museum expert.

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