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Sword of the Prophet. Arabic sword of Muhammad, Messenger of God. Reproduction of the original sword from Topkapi Museum, Istanbul. Steel, 24K gold, velvet, leather. Display box.

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Arabic Sword of Muhammad, the Prophet

The sword is symbol of muslim faith, majesty and importance.

Faithful reproduction of the original sword located in Topkapi Palace Museum in Istanbul.

The sacred relics in the treasury in Alexandria, as well as those with the Abbasid caliphs in Egypt were transferred to Istanbul. These relics were preserved with honor in the sultan’s throne room and for 400 years the Holy Qur’an was read next to them in reverence. Positively identified, the original sword now lies in the amazing collection in Topkapi Palace and is painstakingly reproduced for the first time.

This is the sword of the Messenger of God. Every single detail and element has been expertly reproduced by hand from the original to be an exact match down to the dazzling velvet presentation bag that accompanies the original relic embroidered with real 24K gold thread.

Note: the original sword blade had an inscription, "Muhammad is the Messenger of God – Muhammad ibn Abd Allah ibn Abd al Muttalib" which is not reproduced due sadly the letters could not be accurately replicated by manufacturer.

Sword of Prophet features

Overall Length: 40"...100 cms.
Blade Length: 36"...91.5cms.
Blade Width: 1-5/8".
Weight: 2 lbs / 8 oz.
Steel: 1065 High Carbon steel.

Display box.

Special limited edition sword.

Please understand that this beautiful sword is produced in a small limited series so the delivery takes 1-2 months.

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