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CS Battle Gim Sword 88FG-Damascus Chinese Sword


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CS Battle Gim Battle 88FG-Damascus Chinese Sword by Cold Steel. Luxury Chinese sword with rosewood scabbard. 37 inches. Functional ancient Chinese sword.

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Cold Steel Battle Gim Sword 88FG

While researching traditional Chinese weapons near Shanghai, we visited a distinguished collector who had an ancient Wu Jian, or battle Gim. Its appearance and martial spirit were so unique and impressive that it warranted being reproduced for Cold Steel's customers.

The Battle Gim is forged from our best DAMASCUS STEEL by talented smiths, it features a broad symmetrical point and a slightly wider, heavier blade than custom would dictate. This gives it a more pronounced blade-heavy balance making its twin razor-sharp edges slightly more suitable for cutting and slashing than thrusting.

The attractive Rosewood hilt is framedby a blackened iron guard and pommel. They're embellished with an intricate filigree of traditional Chinese Peony flowers and leaves. The matching Rosewood scabbard is styled in a similar fashion on its chape, throat and ring mounts.

Radiantly polished and sharp, this is not only a vividly striking Gim, but one that you can stake your life on in battle

Battle Gim Sword

Blade Length:  30"
Overall Length:  37"
Steel:  Damascus
Weight:  39 oz
Handle:  7"
Scabbard:  Rosewood Scabbard With Blackened Iron Fittings

Cold Steel swords. Ancient Chinese swords.

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