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Musashi Samurai Katana SS246BD


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Musashi Samurai Katana SS246BD-Horse and flower motif. Affordable, functional samurai katana sword. Burgundy saya, hand forger katana, 1060 carbon steel, 40.5 inches.

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Musashi Horse and Flower katana

From the ever-popular Shirakawa series from the Musashi Silver Collection comes the Horse and Flower Katana. This beautifully hand crafted katana is forged using the traditional Japanese technique known as Muku-kitae. The blade is clay tempered using 1060 carbon steel. The hamon and hardness (55 HRC) were created during the tempering process. It features a real ray skin handle wrapped in brown cotton cord. The Fuchi and Kashira are made of brass and the Tsuba features a hand etched design. The saya is brown with metallic flakes.

Musashi Horse and Flower katana features

40.5" overall length.
1060 carbon steel blade.
Muku-kitae method of forge.
55HRC blade hardness.
Midare hamon.
Iron tsuba.
Brass fuchi, kashira and habaki.
Ray skin handle wrapped in brown cotton cord.
Brown saya.
Gift box.
Maintenance kit included.
Certificate of Authenticity.

Affordable samurai katana swords.

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