The Last Kingdom-BBC History Series

The last kingdom

The Last Kingdom info, news, pics, trailer and air date. Wessex, 9th century, vikings and King Alfred the Great. England is born.

The Last Kingdom story
The Last Kingdom is an action history series from BBC.
A boy taken from his birthright and raised by Vikings, later fighting for King Alfred the Great and his son Edward. Shield walls, blood, revenge and the forging of many Kingdoms into one nation, a dream of Alfred’s called England.
Based on books of Bernard Cornwell.

King Alfred the Great
King of Wessex from 871 to 899.
Alfred successfully defended his kingdom against the Viking attempt at conquest, and by the time of his death had become the dominant ruler in England. He is one of only two English monarchs to be given the epithet “the Great”.

The Last Kingdom cast
David Dawson as King Alfred
Alexander Dreymon as Uhtred of Bebbanburg
Emily Cox as Brida
Matthew Macfadyen as Lord Uthred
Alec Newman as King Aethelred
Rutger Hauer as Ravn
Ian Hart as Beocca

The Last Kingdom air date: Oct 10, 2015.

The Last Kingdom trailer

Viking swords

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