New Battle Ready Medieval Swords

Medieval battle ready crusader sword

New battle ready medieval swords for reenactors and for stage combat. We present a very affordable, functional sword line. Crusader sword, knight sword, arming sword and medieval longsword.

New Battle ready Medieval swords

The swords are made of stainless steel because it has a better sound when they hit what is important to the ren faire reenactors and the theater actors.

These swords are for the professional stage actors who need a well balanced, solid workhorse of a sword that makes a loud metal sound during “battle”.
It took about a year and 9 prototypes that were tested in actual use to get perfect combination.

Basically the sword is one piece (guard and pommel are extra of course). The “tang” is part of the blade and is the handle which is only wrapped with a strip of leather. No plastic or wood underneath as that would muffle the sound.

The leather is NOT glued on , it is wrapped and the end piece is just passed thru the last wrap so the end piece of leather sticks out. This is so the user can re-wrap to customize his grip or many change the color to match their knight colors and distinguish the sword from the others so it doesn’t get mixed up.
Tese swords have been VERY successful in the ren faires – the swords are not fancy – but they are very utilitarian and very affordable.

Affordable Medieval Battle Ready Swords specially designed for reenactors and for a stage combat. Well balanced full tang swords made to produce a perfect clash sound.

Battle ready Medieval swords for sale


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