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British General 1831 Mameluke Saber


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British General 1831 Mameluke Saber. British general saber derived from Egyptian sword, presented by Duke of Wellington. Tempered carbon steel blade, faux ivory handle, brass scabbard. British military saber sword.

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British General Saber

At first glance this sword may appear to be a Mameluke saber, but a closer look at the blade bears the etched markings of the crown of the British Empire. This British adoption of an Eastern design is a reflection of Britain’s world Empire, its spoils after the defeat of Napoleon. When Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington became Commander in Chief in 1827, he would be seen carrying a Mameluke sword gifted to him by an Indian Potentate. No doubt influenced by him, by 1831 the Mameluke-hilted saber would become the regulation sword for officers of Major-General and above.

This reproduction of this unique sword of the British Empire bears the crossed Marshal’s baton and sword etched into the blade of unsharpened, tempered high carbon steel. The crossguard and brass accents of the hilt are brass and the grip is faux ivory. The scabbard is of brass with two suspension rings. A leather washer at the base of the blade protects the crossguard from colliding into the brass throat of the scabbard.

British General Saber features

Steel: Tempered EN9 High Carbon Steel.
Overall Length: 38 1/8".
Blade: 32 3/4".
P.O.B.: 7".
Grip Length: 3 5/8".
Weight: 1 lb 12 oz.

British military swords and sabers.

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