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American Revolution Sword. Revolutionary hanger used by Continental army under command of general George Washington. 1055 high carbon steel blade, wood grip and leather scabbard.

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American Revolution Sword

There was no standardization of swords for the Continental Army. Many swords in use were often pre-war purchases crafted in Britain or France or were simply captured from the British by whatever means possible. However, with the coming of the war several colonial forges began creating swords to meet demand, particularly for Continental Army cavalry sabers.

While these swords were comparatively rustic in appearance to European peers, they were practical and capable weapons. These Colonial swords often had simple D-Guard hilts. This practical design serves to protect the hand and to be a punching knuckle-bar; it has no excess "frills" typical of some of the more embellished European swords of the period. Equally practical, the grip is simple, but elegant turned wood, a common feature to these swords historically.

The American Revolution sword has a blade of 1055 high carbon steel. The simple knuckle-bar hilt is of steel and the ribbed grip is wood. Its scabbard is of robust leather with steel fittings and steel hanging rings.

American Revolution Sword features

Steel: Tempered 1055 High Carbon Steel.
Overall Length: 39 3/4".
Blade: 34 1/8".
P.O.B.: 8 1/2".
Grip Length: 4".
Weight: 2 lb 2.5 oz.

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