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Celtic Sword. La Tene Celtic sword. Affordable Celtic sword with a scabbard. Celtic weapons. Overall Length: 34 1/4".

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La Tene Celtic Sword

La Tene Celtic sword.

The La Tene culture was a European Iron Age culture named after the archaeological site of La Tène on the north side of Lake Neuchatel in Switzerland, where a rich cache of artifacts was discovered by Hansli Kopp in 1857.

La Tene culture developed and flourished during the late Iron Age (from 450 BCE to the Roman conquest in the 1st century BCE) in eastern France, Switzerland, Austria, Southern Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary and Romania. To the north extended the contemporary Jastorf culture of Northern Germany.

Celtic sword features

The Celtic Sword has a Wooden handle.

The Celtic sword comes with scabbard.

Overall Length: 34 1/4".
Blade: 27 1/4".
2 lb 9 oz.

Celtic weapons.

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