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Musashi Daimyo Katana Red SS676BD


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Musashi Daimyo Katana SS676BD. Cheap katana of a Daimyo-Japanese samurai lord. Red saya. Affordable, functional sword. Hand made samurai sword from Musashi.

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Musashi Daimyo Katana Red

Red saya.

Another stunning and economical samurai sword production from Musashi. The blade is hand crafted and razor sharp with a good balance. The sword is full tang and can be disassembled. The blade of the sword is hand crafted and constructed of carbon steel with a hamon (Habuchi, The transition zone from soft to hard steel) along the edge of the blade.

This sword features a visible kissake on the tip of the blade and Ridge Line dividing kissaki from the rest of the blade. The scabbard of the sword is wooden with a high gloss red lacquer finish. Wrapped around the upper half of the scabbard is a black cotton sageo. The scabbard throat is blackened steel. The guard of the sword begins with a bronze blade collar (Habaki). The actual guard is blackened steel in the double ring design, the exact same design as the great Musashi. Each side of the guard is secured by a bronze spacer (Seppa). The sword is full tang and secured by two wooden pins in the handle of the sword. The pommel of the sword is a simple blackened steel end cap.

Musashi Daimyo katana specifications:
Overall Length: 40.3"
Blade Length: 29"
Blade Steel: Carbon Steel Blade
Handle Material: Hardwood with Black cotton cord wrap
Package include a free Sword Bag.


Daimyo was a Japanese feudal land lord. Subordinate only to the shogun, daimyo were the most powerful feudal rulers from the 10th century to the middle 19th century in Japan.

Cheap and quality katana swords from Musashi.

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