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Thunder God Katana Blue Musashi Red SS917BR-1


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Thunder God Katana Blue Musashi Red SS917BR-1. Functional katana with burgundy saya. Affordable swords from Musashi.

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Thunder God Katana Blue Musashi Red

Traditional hand forge Muku-kitae Method.

Using 1060 steel with water temper process.

In the clay temper process, the hamon and hardness (55 HRC) were created in the temper process.

Real ray skin wrapped grip and black cotton cord wrap.

Iron tsuba with brass fuchi and kashira.

Scabbard lacquer: Burgundy (red-brown).

Sword stand included.

Thunder God katana features
Overall Length: 41.5"
Blade Length: 28.5"
Handle Length: 11"
Blade Size: 1.25"
Tsuba Size: 3.25"
Blade HRC 55

Musashi swords. Affordable samurai swords.

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