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Musashi Zatoichi Katana Sword Black SS080BK


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Zatoichi sword. Musashi Zatoichi Katana Sword Black SS080BK. Samurai sword of the legendary blind Japanese swordsman.

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Zatoichi katana sword black by Musashi

Carbon Steel katana blade with Bo-hi.
Lacquered Black saya, Red Tsuka.
Cotton sword bag included.

Zatoichi katana sword measurements

Overall Length: 38"
Blade Length: 27"

Zatoichi-Blind swordsman.

Zatoichi is a fictional character featured in one of Japan's longest running series of films and a television series set in the Edo period. The character, a blind masseur and swordmaster, was created by novelist Kan Shimozawa. This originally minor character was developed for the screen by Daiei Studios (now Kadokawa Pictures) and actor Shintaro Katsu, who created the screen version.

A total of 26 films were made from 1962 to 1989. From 1972 to 1974, the television series "Zatoichi" was produced, starring Katsu and some of the same stars that appeared in the films. These were produced by Katsu Productions. One hundred episodes, with episodes 99 and 100 being a two-part story finale, were aired before the "Zatoichi" television series was cancelled.

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