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Musashi Gekkou Katana Sword SS809BK


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Musashi Gekkou Katana Sword SS809BK. Lightweight Functional Katana. Measures 39 inches overall. Handle features real rayskin with a cotton cord wrap (double pegged). Blade measures 28 inches featuring a tempered 1060 carbon steel great for light cutting. The tsuba is iron with brass fuchi and kashira fittings. Complete with sword bag.

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Musashi Gekkou Katana Sword SS809BK

Hand forged 1060 high carbon steel blade with bo hi.
Hand sharpened.
Beautiful hamon.
Hand sharpened.
Black iron sukashi style tsuba.
Black brass fuchi and kashira with dragon theme.
Rayskin and cotton wrapped tsuka.
Black lacquered wood saya.
Fully functional sword.

Katana measurements:

Katana overall length: 39"
Blade lenght: 28"

Comes with black sword bag and serialized certificate.

Musashi swords. Affordable samurai swords.

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