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Masahiro Takeda Shingen Samurai Sword


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Masahiro Takeda Shingen Samurai Sword  SW-251BK - cheap samurai sword of a famous feudal Japanese Lord.

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Takeda Shingen, The Tiger of Kai, was a preeminent fuedal Japanese lord with great military skills and might.

This katana has been forged to honour such a great man.When doing so, only a hand forged 1045 high carbon steel blade that measues 28 inches can do. To protect such a fine blade a scabbard is needed, and this one for this Katana has a glossy lacquer finish on the saya (scabbard).

A cast metal Takeda Shingen tsuba (guard) pays the ultimate tribute to such a great warrior. A black cotton sageo (wrap around scabbard) and ito (handle wrap) braid, no nylon has been used. A cotton sword bag is also included with each sword and packaged in a tubular box. 42.75 inches overall.


Takeda Shingen Katana features

42.75" Overall Length
28" Blade
12" Handle

Hand forged carbon steel blade
Lacquer finish wooden saya and simulated ray skin wrapped stuka quality cotton sageo and ito braid
Includes a cotton sword bag and is packaged in a tubular box


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