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Practical Wushu Sword Hanwei SH2062. Chinese training sword for martial artists. Paper thin blade.

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Practical Wushu Sword Hanwei SH2062

Developed in response to requests from Wushu practitioners for swords with ultra-flexible blades, the Practical Wushu (SH2062) has a spring steel blade that tapers to almost paper-thin at the tip.

The light weight (barely one pound) of the sword makes it extremely fast in skilled hands.

The OH2057 Carrying Case and the OH2078 Tassel will also fit this sword perfectly.

Made by Hanwei.

Highly flexible
Very light and quick
Audible "Water Song"

Practical Wushu Sword features

Overall length:  36 1/2"
Blade length:  30"
Handle length:   6 1/2"
Weight:  1lb
Point of Balance:  2 1/2"
Width at Guard:  1.11"
Width at Tip:  .86"
Thickness at Guard:  .16"
Box height:  41 1/4"
Box width:  4"

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