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Steven Seagal Chinese Sword Breaker by Cold Steel 88CWSS. Awesome Chinese martial art weapon designed by Lynn and Steven Seagal. High carbon steel blade, overall 37 inches, rosewood scabbard. Chinese sword slayer.

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Steven Seagal Sword Breaker

Steven Seagal is a Martial Artist who should need no introduction. He found international acclaim and celebrity for his high-octane Action Movies, but he is first and foremost love is the world of Martial Arts.

They developed a Sword Breaker that was big enough to deliver powerful percussive blows, but still perfectly balanced and capable of nimble flowing moves and subtle counters.

Taking the original weapon as inspiration, Lynn and Steven lengthened the handle and counter balanced the Sword Breaker to facilitate a one or two handed grip, then added a sharp thrusting point to make a formidable new weapon!

The paralyzing power of the Sword Breaker has to be felt to be believed. Its dense cross section repels an opponent’s sword like water on wax. Not only shrugging off strikes with ease, but often damaging the sword in the process!

Nicknamed the "Sword Slayer" during prototyping, this fascinating weapon is also a thing of beauty. With richly blackened fullers and hand polished highlights, the "blade" is as good looking as it is effective.

Seagal Sword Breaker Specifications

Weight: 73.2 oz.
Blade Thickness: 3/4".
Blade Length: 24".
Handle: 13".
Overall: 37".
Steel: 1055 Carbon.
Sheath: Rosewood Scabbard with Blackened Iron Fittings.

Chinese martial art weapons.

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