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Conan the Destroyer: Miniature Spiked Mace of Bombaata - Bronze


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Conan the Destroyer: Miniature Spiked Mace of Bombaata by Marto of Toledo Spain (Bronze) - Official Licensed Reproduction. Miniature Conan weapons.

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Conan Mini Mace of Bombaata

In the movie, Conan the Destroyer, Bombaata is Captain of the Guard in Shadizar. Bombaata is sent by Queen Taramis to check up on Conan's progress in his mission and later Bombaata betrays Conan. Bombaata is killed by Conan when attempting to stop him from interfering with the resurrection of Dagoth.

Our incomparible sword masters from "MARTO" have made this faithful and exclusive miniature licensed reproduction of the Spiked Mace of Bombaata. Marto has taken their exquisitely designed hand-crafted collection of Conan arms and painstakingly scaled them down to create a beautiful arsenal of world-class miniature collectors pieces. These miniatures feature the same highest quality steel and sensational barbarian detail as the full-sized original.
Mini Conan Mace Features

* Overall Length: 15 cms - 6 inches

* Mace: Steel - Bronze Finish

* Handle: Wood

* Official Licensed Reproduction


Mini Conan weapons.

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