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Conan the Barbarian: Miniature Hammer of Thorgrim - Bronze


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Conan the Barbarian: Miniature Hammer of Thorgrim by Marto of Toledo Spain (Bronze) - Official Licensed Reproduction. Miniature Conan weapons.

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Conan-Miniature Hammer of Thorgrim

Rexor and Thorgrim were Thulsa Doom's lieutenants , main warriors and bodyguards (the latter of which uses a huge hammer in battle... hence THORgrim). Both are killed by Conan in the final climactic battle. Rexor is blinded by Valeria (she did say she would stand beside her lover in battle, even after death. Now that's commitment!) and slashed up by Conan. Thorgrim gets a pointy stick to the chest after falling for an ingenious booby trap.

Our incomparible sword masters from "MARTO" have made this faithful and exclusive miniature licensed reproduction of the Hammer of Thorgrim. Marto has taken their exquisitely designed hand-crafted collection of Conan arms and painstakingly scaled them down to create a beautiful arsenal of world-class miniature collectors pieces. These miniatures feature the same highest quality steel and sensational barbarian detail as the full-sized original.
Mini Conan Hammer of Thorgrim Features

* Overall Length: 15 cms - 6 inches

* Mace: Wood; Metal reinforced - Bronze Finish

* Handle: Wood

* Official Licensed Conan Reproduction


Mini Conan weapons.

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