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Custom swords

Custom swords and customized swords service. Sword design. Sword manufacturing for companies, foundations, schools etc. Beautiful unique swords for sale. Antique Medieval and renaissance swords are made by Marto. Samurai swords from Thaitsuki. Sword store info.

Custom swords for sale. Unique sword design. Custom and customized swords. Sword store.

Custom swords

Totally custom made swords can be produced for you. Cost and production time will vary depending on design requested. There is a 250 piece minimum for custom swords.

Customized swords

if you need to make changes to the existing sword design, then costs will depend on types of changes required and a 100 piece minimum.  Production time will also vary with the degree of changes requested.

Custom swords info

We have the ability to produce in Toledo Spain custom made and customized swords for your organization.  A "customized" sword is one that uses an existing sword design, where a "custom" sword is one that requires a new design entirely. Thaitsuki forge offers samurai katana custom sword service.


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Buy a Custom swords here (antique, medieval, renaissance and fantasy swords for companies).


Functional custom made swords: Thaitsuki swords (available also for individuals).