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History of Toledo Swords

Toledo is a Spanish city with about 50,000 habitants, it has been for a time the capital city of the widest empire in the world, an empire where sun never set. Kings from all parts of the world have had swords and sabers forged in Toledo. Even Japanese Samurai were aware of the existence of Toledos steel as it had been introduced by the Spanish merchants that followed the steps of the Spanish and Portuguese Jesuits. As Japan lived in a state of continuous civil war, it is not surprising that some of their Daimyos even came to Toledo to have their katana and wakizashi  forged there. They knew how important was a perfect design and finish for the effectiveness of a sword.

For centuries, when the issue of a fight depended not only on the personal ability of the fighter, but also on another decisive factor - the perfection of his weapon - with Toledos exceptional steel were forged the most terrible arms in the world. Their extraordinary hardness made of each of these swords an invincible force in the hands of an expert swordsman. All European armies knew the superior quality of Toledo steel and many great warriors relied only on sabers of Toledan provenance.

An appropriate selection of raw materials, their adequate proportion in the blade and the forging of both types of steel at a temperature of 1454 F during the exact interval of time required, give the most perfect sword ever built in the world.

In other parts of the world, craftsmen have tried to imitate the perfection of Toledos steel, but they all failed. Damascus steel was too hard, not at all flexible, because it contained only iron and carbon and wasn't refined of all the mineral impure elements.
Swedish steel was based on a soft steel, carbureted in a furnace, surrounded by animal horns and hair, leaves, etc. and heated at a temperature of about 1650 F. Swords were also manufactured in Solingen (Germany). There, they twisted together wires of different thickness and carbon contents in order to get a threadlike structure that combined hard and soft steel. the swords of Nimes (France) were also recognized for their good quality.


Top Quality Swords and Armor

The recognized prestige and the reputation that all the Marto swords and armor have worldwide, it has been got thanks to the indisputable quality of all products, they are used as free model - reference for all unfair competitors, that not being able to obtain the minimal levels of art and quality, they cheat the consumer with a poor copies of bad quality, hiding its origin and confusing good customers.


Sample Sword

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Marto - Toledo sword crafting company

Marto was founded in 1961 in the old district of Toledo to regain the testimony and the techniques of the sword master craftsman tradition.

Marto founders had a very clear objective - to create the best company of the world in the swords and hand crafts manufacture. Marto sword company is surrounded with a select group of artists, craftsmen and professionals of the sector, in love with Toledo, and educated most of them, in the historical "Toledo National Factory of Weapons".

Custom swords

Custom and customized sword service. Get your one sword with your name, your own design and with your own symbols (logo, company logo, phrase, inscription, name).

Order custom sword: email us to for more details.


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