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Swords for sale: Huge selection of samurai swords, fantasy weapons, medieval swords, military swords, sabres and rapiers. Armor,costumes and historical jewelry.


Catalogue download: Cold Steel, Hanwei, Hanwei GDFB, Marto


Marto - Swords from Toledo

Marto swords - Swords from Toledo, Spain

Marto, located in Toledo, Spain offers a complete sword and armor lines including medieval swords and armor, fantasy swords, japanese samurai and ninja swords, medieval banners, gifts and accessoires. Toledo swords were always best in worldwide sword industry. Marto swords is Rolex brand in sword industry. Marto is also author of complete Conan and Templar line.

James Carter and Peter Davis buying Marto swords for their collections. Marto designed swords for numerous movies and TV series like Highlander, Xena, Excalibur... what else to say...Marto is best.

Marto swords

Cas Iberia - Hanwei - Paul Chen

Hanwei swords - Paul Chen

Hanwei swords produce hight quality medieval, chinese and samurai swords at affordable price. Paul Chen is founder of Hanwei company and engender an image of fine functional swords and historical weaponry.

Hanwei swords

Cold Steel Swords and Knives

Cold Steel swords and knives

Cold Steel is a manufacturer of fixed or folding blade knives, swords, spears, and edged weapons training aids.

Cold Steel swords and knives

Thaitsuki Nihonto Swords

Thaitsuki Nihonto swords

Thaitsuki Nihonto - exceptional quality samurai swords.

Thaitsuki Nihonto

United Cutlery - Kit Rae

United Cutlery swords, Kit Rae swords

United Cutlery offers various collectible fantasy and sci-fi swords and weapons including Lord of the Rings swords. Kit Rae is a Canadian fantasy collectibles designer who specializes in knife design, fantasy and sci-fi art.

United Cutlery and Kit Rae

Museum Replicas

Museum Repicas - 300 movie swords

Museum replicas creates movie sword and weapon replicas. We offer complete 300 movie line and other stuff.

Museum Replicas


Ryumon swords - samurai swords

Ryumon is a sister brand of Masahiro swords, owned by Master Cutlery in the US. Master Cutlery offers very affordable swords, Ryumon brings the highest quality samurai sword line within this brand.

Ryumon swords

Master Cutlery

Master Cutlery - affordable swords

Very affordable swords for collectors. We offer Rambo and Predator knives, Kill Bill swords from master Cutlery line.

Affordable Bushido swords and Masahiro are brands sold by Master Cutlery.

Master Cutlery

Mariano Zamorano

Mariano Zamorano Swords - Toledo swords

Authentic medieval battle ready swords and rapiers hand crafted in Toledo, Spain by this famous swordsmith.

Mariano Zamorano swords

Valiant Armoury

Valiant Armoury swords

Manufacturers of high quality hand hammer forged high carbon spring steel swords. Featuring the designs of Christian Fletcher, Angus Gus Trim and John Lundemo.

Valiant Armoury


Musashi Swords

Musashi Swords-ffordable, quality japanese swords

Very affordable and quality Japanese samurai swords. Musashi sword brand rapidly becoming one of the most reliable and high quality providers of cheap samurai swords.

Musashi Swords


Swords From Toledo (SFT)

Swords From Toledo (SFT)

Swords From Toledo crafts historical swords, dagger, rapiers and fencing foils of exceptional quality. These swords from Toledo, PSain are hand crafted after order. Delivery time is around 14 days. Swords from Toledo creats really unique swords and daggers, you can find originals in numerous Spanish museums. SFT is an excellent choice for collectors.

Swords From Toledo

Swords for Sale - Marto Catalogue

Catalogue of top quality hand crafted Toledo swords. Medieval swords, samurai swords, fantasy swords and armor by Marto.


Sword and armor catalogue download


General Catalog: Swords and Armor

1 - Knights Templar - Masonic swords

2 - Scottish swords - Salomon sword - Two-Handed swords

3 - Tizonas - Rapiers

4 - Legenary swords - El Cid - Moorish swords

5 - Viking swords - Roman swords - Excalibur sword

6 - Columbus sword - Robin Hood sword - Barbarian sword

7 - Espadas - Toledo swords

8 - Merlin sword - American Liberty sword

9 - Fantasy swords - Sabres

10 - Samurai swords - Katana - Wakizashi - Tachi - Tanto

11 - Samurai swords - Katana - Wakizashi - Tachi - Tanto

12 - Samurai swords - Katana - Wakizashi - Tachi - Tanto

13 - Samurai swords - Katana - Wakizashi - Tachi - Tanto

14 - Samurai swords - Katana - Wakizashi - Tachi - Tanto

15 - Suits of Armor

16 - Suits of Armor

17 - Suits of Armor - Mounted knights

18 - Armor - Mounted knights

19 - Armor - Helmets - Axes - Gauntlets

20 - Armor - Shields - Breastplates

21 - Armor - Historical Helmets - Historical Warriors

22 - Sword Letter Openers - Mini swords

23 - Miniature Swords

24 - Sword Displays

Limited Edition Swords

Sword of Alexander the Great

Sword of Charles the Great

Sword of Julius Caesar

Samurai Sword - Katana of Kamakura

Sword of the Catholic Kings

Sword of King Solomon

Knights Templars Catalogue

Knights Templars General Catalog

Page 1 - Knights Templar Ring

Page 2 - Knights Templar Ring

Templar Keyrings

Knights Templar Miniature Swords

Knights Templar Gift Set 1

Knights Templar Gift Sets 2 and 3

Knights Templar Gift Items - Zippo Lighters

Conan the Barbarian

Conan - Atlantean Sword - The father's Sword

Conan Helmets

Conan Axes, Mace, Hammer

Conan Shields

Conan - Valeria Sword

Conan Keychains

Conan Daggers

Conan Miniature Swords

Conan Miniature Swords - 2

Conan Letter Opener Swords

Conan Miniatures

Conan Miniatures