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Functional swords (battle ready swords, reenactment swords). Functional battle ready swords - technology and terminology, high carbon steel, powder steel, construction and functional sword manufacturers.

Functional swords are designed with superior strength to withstand the impact of striking another functional sword.

Indestructible battle ready swords are pure fantasy known in mythology, legends, pc games and movies.

When two medieval knights battled, each had extra swords which their attending squire would bring to them as a replacement for a bent or broken sword. At the end of the day, the damaged swords were taken to a blacksmith for repairs. If a sword was beyond repair, it was melted down and completely reforged into a new battle ready sword.


Functional swords-Battle Ready swords - Reenactment swords

How to locate a functional battle ready sword:

Sword quality depends on

1. Sword material
2. Sword construction
3. Sword manufacturer

Functional battle ready sword materials

High-carbon steel is the strongest material used in sword manufacturing, however, even high-carbon steel will break when pushed beyond the laws of physics.

High carbon steel definition

High carbon steel has more than 0.3 percent carbon, and is thus harder and less formable and machineable than low-carbon steel. Used mainly for cutting EDGEs, compression springs, farming and gardening equipment, and other high-wear applications.
Swords made of high carbon steel need a special care as is corrosive. It needs regular cleaning. Do not leave these swords in sheet for long time as it can interact.

Powder steel

Strong, high carbon steel with 1,45% of carbon, blades made of powder steel are stainless.
Powder metallurgy is a forming and fabrication technique consisting of three major processing stages. First, the primary material is physically powdered, divided into many small individual particles. Next, the powder is injected into a mold or passed through a die to produce a weakly cohesive structure (via cold welding) very near the dimensions of the object ultimately to be manufactured. Pressures of 10-50 tons per square inch are commonly used. Also, to attain the same compression ratio across more complex pieces, it is often necessary to use lower punches as well as an upper punch. Finally, the end part is formed by applying pressure, high temperature, long setting times (during which self-welding occurs), or any combination thereof.

Two main techniques used to form and consolidate the powder are sintering and metal injection molding. Recent developments have made it possible to use rapid manufacturing techniques which use the metal powder for the products. Because with this technique the powder is melted and not sintered, better mechanical strength can be accomplished.

Examples of Powder steel swords: Fuku Riu Katana, Shuihu Tachi Sword, Sword of William Marshall

Battle ready sword construction
Sword‘s blade and tang are always made up of a single piece of material so that the tang is quadrangle in cross-section and is never welded on additionally. The pommel is generally peened to the tang top. Possible threads for fixing the pommel (for some rapiers) are cut manually later. The tang width at the blade shoulders varies between approx. 30-40% of the blade width.


Sword tang-Functional swords


Functional swords - Manufacturers
Sword quality also depending on manufacturers.

In general we can say that:

CAS Hanwei (Paul Chen) - excellent quality swords, all Hanwei swords are battle ready if not otherwise stated on a product detail page.

Cold Steel - quality swords, CS swords are battle ready if not otherwise stated.

Marto swords - Worldwide best quality display swords made usually of stainless steel if not otherwise stated.

Thaitsuki swords - Saurai swords of exceptional quality. All these swords are sharp and fully functional.

Maziano Zamorano reenactment swords
- all these swords available in our store are fully functional battle ready.

Musashi swords - very affordable but quality swords, functional battle ready if not otherwise stated.

Valiant Armoury - all Valiant Armoury swords in our store are functional.

Ryumon - best line of swords sold by Master Cutlery, functional, battle ready.

Kanetsune - functional, razos sharp samurai blades made of Aogami Steel.

Master Cutlery, Masahiro, Bushido, United Cutlery and Kit Rae
- these are very affordable swords. Numerous swords of these brands are display pieces only. SOme of them are battle ready. Please read product descriptions for more info.

We added Battle ready swords category to show recommended functional swords but we have many more functional swords in other categories. Please read this page carefully to identify battle ready swords.

Reenactment swords

We recommending reenactment medieval swords created by Mariano Zamorano. These top quality swords are designed to serve in historical combats.

Do not forget! Even display swords without full tang and made of low carbon steel are still swords, able to harm!

If you are not sure that your favourite sword is functional, simply contact us.