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Sword of Bruncvik

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Sword of Bruncvik-legendary Czech (Bohemian) dragonslayer sword. Functional reproduction of medieval hand and a half sword. The sword is made in Czech.

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Sword of Bruncvik

Sword of Bruncvik, among two other swords-Excalibur and Sword of St. George, can kill dragons because they were forged from the blood of dragons.

The sword of Bruncvik is fully functional medieval weapon.

Exact reproduction of the famous magical one and a half sword.

Sword of Bruncvik features

Sword length: 122 cms...48".
Blade: 34".
Steel: High carbon steel.
Riveted pommel.
Hand forged.
Blunt version is suitable for historical fencing.
Sharp version is suitable for cutting or for decoration.

Legend of Bruncvik
Bruncvik is a mythical hero from Czech kingdom (Central Europe) who left his wife to go pursue adventures in foreign lands. Along the way he acquired a magical sword that had the ability of chopping of heads with a simple command: “Blade, heads off”. Later he encounters a white lion battling a nine-headed monster and he helps slay the monster. He and the lion become friends and travel together.

Statue of Bruncik is placed in Vltava river in Prague and it can be visible from Charles bridge. The sword is golden.

Czech kingdom (Kingdom of Bohemia) is predecessor of Czechoslovakia and modern Czech republic. The kingdom was located in Central Europe on German borders.

The sword is made on order by Arma Epona in Czech, the sword supplier of "The Vikings" TV series and "Warcraft" movie.

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