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Cold Steel Italian Dagger 88ITD


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Cold Steel Italian Dagger 88ITD. Functional medieval dagger recommended for set with Italian Longsword.

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Since our Italian Long Sword is light and well balanced enough to use in one hand we thought we'd offer a companion dagger to take the place of a shield, targe, or buckler. Scaled down in size but almost identical in appearance, its sharply tapered, double edged blade slightly favors attacks with the point over the edge and is stiff and strong enough to parry any sword.

Dagger features

Blade Length: 12 3/4"
Overall Length: 19 3/8"
Steel: 1055 Carbon
Weight: 17.1 oz
Handle: 6 5/8"
Scabbard: Leather/Wood Scabbard w/ Steel Fittings


Recommended for set with Italian Longsword


Dagger test - End of Video


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