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Excalibur Fantasy Sword


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Excalibur Fantasy Sword - gold version by Marto of Toledo Spain. Famous legendary sword of King Arthur. Legendary sword in stone.

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Excalibur Fantasy Sword Gold

Golden version of legendary sword created by Marto Toledo.

King Arthur is a legendary British leader who, according to myth, folklore, medieval histories and romances, led the defence of Britain against the Saxon invaders in the early 6th century and established an empire over Britain, Ireland, Iceland, Norway and Gaul. Camelot , Knights of the Round Table, Merlin the magician, the Holy Grail all add to the myth and mystery of the King Arthur legends.

Pulled out from the stone or given by the Lady of the Lake according to the different versions of the legend, the life of King Arthur of Britain is however strictly tied to the magical and mysterious Excalibur sword.   

Excalibur features

* Overall Length: 120 cms - 48 inches.

* Blade Length: 36 1/2 inches.

* Blade Width: 5/32 inches.

* Blade: AISI 440 Tempered Stainless Steel - 24K Gold etched -Double Edged.

* Guard/Pommel: Zamak - 24K Gold plated.

* Handle: Genuine Leather wrapped.

Legendary swords.

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