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Sword of The Hell Guardian


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Sword of the Hell Guardian - dark fantasy sword by Marto, Toledo Spain. Sword of Dark Angel. Inspired by Sword of Attila, the Scourge of God. 53 inches long fantasy sword, silver and 24K Gold plated.

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Sword of the Hell Guardian

Marto fantasy swords.

The massive in size Hell Guardian Sword is of a superior design and craftsmanship, beautifully detailed and handsomely articulated. The upper portion of the tempered steel blade is jagged with a blood groove. The hilt of the Hell Guardian sword is Silver and 24K Gold plated metal. The guard features a Demon Guardian at the center with serpent quillons. The pommel has twin serpenty heads.

Inside the wide range of MARTO products, we can find this special collection of Fantastic Swords. This collection of Fantasy Swords is inspired by Magic, Fiction, Tales, unknown legends… and all the imagination that has arisen from them, is used in their production, all of the elements connected with these fantastic histories, showing in their fabulous handles the details of all the characters present in those fantastic histories. 

Sword of Attila the Hun
This sword is inspired by Attila sword, stored in Vienna museum in Austria. The Attila sword is also called Sword of Mars or sword of God and sometimes assword of Charlemagne.
Attila the Hun was called Scourge of God was feared enemy of Romans.

Sword of The Hell Guardian features

    * Overall Length: 135 cms - 53 inches

    * Blade: Tempered AISI 440 Stainless Steel

    * Blade Length: 34"

    * Handle: Zamak - Silver and 24K Gold plated

 Sword of the Hell Guardian is original Marto product, not a cheap copy.

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