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French Royal Guard Sword


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French Royal Guard Sword. Sword of "Garde du Corps", the French royal bodyguard unit from time of restored Bourbon monarchy after Napoleon defeat.

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French Royal Guard Sword

After the Revolution, and in the wake of Napoleon’s Empire, the newly restored Bourbon monarch Louis XVIII restored the "Garde Du Corps" as he recreated some of the pomp and grandeur of the Ancien Régime.

This recreated saber of the ‘’Garde Du Corps’’ has an unsharpened blade of tempered high carbon steel. The blade bears regal inscriptions identifying it as a sword of the royal bodyguard alongside the royal devices of the fleur-de-lis and the sun. The hilt is of cast brass and the grip is covered in tight black leather overlaid with spiralled brass wire. The inside of the hilt bears the inscription of the manufactory at ‘’Versailles’’ alongside two recreated manufacturer and inspection markings. The hard-core scabbard is of wood overlaid with black leather and brass accents and two brass hanging rings.

History of Garde du Corps
Formed from aristocratic men and numbering at over 1,500, the Royal Bodyguard witnessed some of the most tumultuous events of the French Revolution as the troubles engulfed their monarch. In October of 1789 the Garde Du Corps were forced to blockade the Royal apartments as the Palace of Versailles was stormed by a furious mob, eager to kill Queen Marie Antoinette for her ostentatious displays of luxury at a time of skyward bread prices. Only 61 guardsmen were within the palace at the time, and they feverishly protected their charges from hundreds of rioters until reinforcements dispersed the mobs. Several men of the bodyguard were killed in the rampage and the crowd had even put their heads upon pikes.

Garde du Corps was disbanded in 1791 at time of French revolution and recreated in 1815.

The original motto of the Garde du Corps was Erit haec quoque cognita monstris (They will be recognized, them also, with their brilliant deeds), but during the reign of Louis XIV it changed to Nec pluribus impar (No unequal match for many (suns)), which also was Louis XIV's personal motto.

The swords of the guardsmen were inscribed with Vive le Roi (Long live the king).

Garde Du Corps sword features

Steel: Tempered EN9 High Carbon Steel.
Overall Length: 43 1/2".
Blade: 37".
P.O.B.: 6 1/8".
Grip Length: 4 5/8".

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The picture shows Garde du Corps uniforms from time of Luis XIV.

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