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French Napoleonic Cuirassier Sword


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French Napoleonic Cuirassier Sword. Sword of the elite heavy cavalry. Cuirassiers were one of the most feared unit of the Napoleon’s Great Army. Carbon steel blade, wire wrapped grip, steel scabbard.

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French Cuirassier Sword

French Cuirassiers were the "cavalier knights"’ of Napoleon’s Grande Armée. They were well-armored with thick breastplates and helmets. Though armed to the hilt with an assortment of carbines and pistols their trademark weapon was the straight-bladed sword akin to the knights of old. They frowned upon firearms as the weapon of infantry and greatly favored a cavalry charge of steel. The timely charge of the Cuirassiers could sway the tide of battle. The largest men and horses were picked to be Cuirassier’s, and it is only fitting that their sword should be equally robust. The Cuirassier sword is weighty and double-fullered, ideal for a charging thrust or heavy slash from on high.

This replica sword is made with a tempered high carbon steel blade. The hilt is of brass with a copper wire wrapped grip of hardened brown leather. The scabbard is of steel. The sword features markings that exist on surviving examples – such as the signature of Klingenthal, the state run sword manufactory in east France.

A single French Cuirassier sword was famously wielded in the American Civil War in a charge on an artillery position by Confederate Lt. Col. Frederick Skinner in the Battle of Manassas. He had brought the sword back from Europe in his youth.

French Napoleonic Cuirassier sword features

Steel: Tempered EN9 High Carbon Steel.
Overall Length: 37 3/8".
Blade: 32 1/4".
P.O.B.: 6 1/4".
Grip Length: 3 7/8".
Weight: 2 lb 1.1 oz.

French Napoleonic swords and sabres.

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