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Napoleonic AN XII Dragoon Sword


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Napoleonic AN XII Dragoon Sword. Wooden scabbard covered by leather with fittings. Straight bladed sword similar to Cuirassier sword.

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Napoleonic AN XII Dragoon Sword

The Dragoon sword of Napoleon’s Grande Armée was very similar to the heavy cavalry blade issued to the Cuirassier regiments - Dragoons began to be equipped with it in 1805. A long, straight blade, the swords of this type were typically used in a lance-like fashion during a charge with predictably fatal effects when all the kinetic energy of rider and horse slew the opponent on blade tip. After the charge, the broad blade with its thick-spine and overall heft is documented as being used with terrific chopping force by skilled users.

Napoleonic AN XII Pattern Dragoon Sword has a blade made from unsharpened, tempered high carbon steel. The hilt is of brass and the grip is leather with inlaid brass wire. The blade bears the reproduced signature of "Klingenthal" - the state-run sword manufactory of the French Empire. The base of the blade and hilt are marked with the recreated stampings of the state blade inspectors. It comes with a wood core scabbard covered in black leather and with brass accents and hanging rings.

Napoleonic AN XII Dragoon Sword features

Steel: Tempered EN9 High Carbon Steel.
Overall Length: 44 1/4".
Blade: 37 3/4".
P.O.B.: 8 1/4".
Grip Length: 4 1/4".
Weight: 3 lb 4.4 oz.

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