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Napoleonic Imperial Guard Light Cavalry Saber Blued Blade


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Napoleonic Imperial Guard Light Cavalry Saber with a Blued Blade. Napoeonic saber of a member of Chasseurs a Cheval de la Garde Impériale. Beutiful, luxury napolonic saber with a decorated scabbard.

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Napoleonic Imperial Guard Light Cavalry Saber Blued Blade

This Napoleonic Light Cavalry Saber identifies itself as a saber belonging to a man among the "Chasseurs à Cheval de la Garde Impériale" - The Horse Chasseurs of the Imperial Guard; so bears the inscription along the spine of the blade. These men often formed the personal bodyguard and escort of Napoleon on campaign; in recognition of their service the Emperor himself often wore the green coat and colors of a colonel of this Imperial Guard Cavalry regiment. The famous ‘’Charging Chasseur’’ painting of a supremely dashing Officer of this regiment by Gericault depicts such a saber with the characteristic blue-gilt blade.

This replica has a blade of tempered EN9 high carbon steel. Almost half of the blade is blued and embellished with gold-colored gilt - this was a luxurious addition to fine blades of this era and may mark this one as an Officer’s saber. It is a rare, but quite fine feature on a recreation military saber. Depending upon how it catches the light the bluing can vary from deep blue-black to a teal blue to the eye. Gold-toned gilt Imperial motifs of Napoleon’s Empire and Grande Armée adorn the blade on both sides.

The hilt is of brass and the grip is leather; it is inlaid with twisted wire of matching brass. A leather protective piece is cut and fitted atop the guard to prevent the scabbard from scratching the finish from contact. The ornate scabbard is of brass with a chape-protector of steel. It has two brass hanging rings for wear or display.

Not merely a bodyguard detachment, the Imperial Guard Horse Chasseurs were a light cavalry regiment who distinguished themselves in Napoleon’s campaigns. Among one of their finer moments was at Austerlitz, when the Imperial Guard Chasseurs and Napoleon’s colorful Mamelukes charged together into the Russian Imperial Guard. Their bellicose charge created casualties and havoc on the Russians and as a prize they captured Prince Repnin, commander of the Russian Chevalier Guard.

The Imperial Guard Chasseurs faithfully served and protected Napoleon. During the Russian campaign the Chasseurs escorted Napoleon on a reconnaissance after their victory at Maloyaroslavets - a number of Cossacks ambushed the recon; charging from the woods on horses with sabers drawn, they made a mad dash straight for Napoleon himself! In a rough engagement the Imperial Guard Chasseurs fought off the Cossacks, though one managed to get within twenty yards of Napoleon. A close-enough call for the Emperor; fearing that a future ambush would not fare in his favor, Napoleon would thereafter wear a pouch containing poison on his neck - a final safeguard against capture by the Russians.

Napoleonic Imperial Guard Light Cavalry Saber Blued Blade features

Steel: Tempered EN9 High Carbon Steel.
Overall Length: 38 3/8".
Blade: 33".
P.O.B.: 8".
Grip Length: 3 3/4".
Weight: 2 lb 2.8 oz.

French Napleonic swords and sabers.

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