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Napoleonic Imperial Guard Light Cavalry Saber


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Napoleonic French Imperial Guard Light Cavalry Saber. French saber of the Horse chasseurs of the Imperial Guard. Tempered carbon steel blade, scabbard.

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Napoleonic French Imperial Guard Light Cavalry Saber

Issued to Napoleons elite Imperial Guard troops, this saber was introduced in 1803 to the "enfants cheris" the Chasseur a Cheval de la Garde - the "cherished children" of Napoleon, the Horse Chasseurs of the Imperial Guard. This unit, second only to the Horse Grenadiers of the Imperial Guard, was Napoleon’s personal guard that accompanied him through his campaigns, establishing a top-notch reputation for their time fighting with him until the bitter end of Waterloo. This saber would be widespread in units of the Imperial Guard of the Grand Armée.

The Napoleonic saber bears the signature of Klingenthal, the French state-run sword manufactory on its spine. It reads; "Mfture Nale de Klingenthal Coulaux frères Entreps". The reverse of the blade bears inspection stamps, the LW for Director Levavsseur and the M for Controleur Jean-Jacques Mouton. The hilt is of brass and the grip is ribbed black leather inlaid with brass wire.The wood-core scabbard is covered with black leather overlaid with extensive brass fittings and two steel suspension rings. A leather washer at the base of the blade protects the crossguard from colliding into the metal throat of the scabbard.

Napoleonic Imperial Guard Light Cavalry features

Steel: Tempered EN9 High Carbon Steel.
Overall Length: 39 5/8".
Blade: 33 3/4".
P.O.B.: 8 1/4".
Grip Length: 4 1/2".
Weight: 2 lb 8 oz.

French Napoleonic swords and sabers.

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