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German Katzbalger Sword


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German Katzbalger Sword. Short German renaissance sword of Landsknechts (mercenaries). Short central European sword.

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German Katzbalger Sword

German renaissance sword.

Typical sword of landsknechts (German mercenaries).

Katzbalger sword features

Overall Length:37"
Blade: 30 1/4"
4 lb 7 oz.

EN45 high carbon steel blade.

Triple fuller.

Katzbalger sword
A Katzbalger is a short Renaissance arming sword, notable for its sturdy build and a distinctive s-shaped or figure-8 shaped guard. Measuring 75–85 cm long and weighing 1–2 kg, it was the signature blade of the Landsknecht. The Katzbalger Sword was designed with a large figure eight guard that protects the hand if the opposing sword should slide down the blade.

Landsknechts were European, predominantly German mercenary pikemen and supporting foot soldiers from the late 15th to the late 16th century, and achieved the reputation for being the universal mercenary of Early modern Europe.

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