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Egyptian Khopesh Sword Black


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Egyptian Khopesh Sword Black. Deluxe version of the ancient Egyptian khopesh sword. Khopesh is sickle sord of the Egyptian warriors.

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Egyptian Khopesh Sword Black

Deluxe version of the Egyptian Khopesh sword.

Scikle sword from time of ancient Egypt.

Khopesh Sword

Khopesh is the Egyptian name of the Canaanite "sickle-sword", in Assyrian known as sappara. Its origins can be traced back to Sumer of the third millennium BCE.

A typical khopesh is 50–60 cm (20 to 24 inches) in length, though smaller examples do also exist. This blade was designed for hooking an opponents shield or disarming them.

These weapons changed from bronze to iron in the late period.

Khopesh sword features
Overall Length: 28 1/4".
Blade: 21".
Wight: 6 lb 9 oz.

The blade is only sharpened on the outside portion of the curved end. The khopesh evolved from the epsilon or similar crescent shaped axes that were used in warfare. Note, however, that the khopesh is not an axe. Unlike an axe, the khopesh did not make push-cuts, but rather slashes, like a sabre.

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