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Bulava-Polish Mace


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Bulava. Polish mace. Medieval blunt weapon used in Poland, Ukraine and Russia. Bulava (Bulawa) served as a ceremonial or battle ready weapon to kings, nobles and knights. Carbon steel, Overall Length: 18 3/4".

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Bulava-Polish mace

Inspired by historical examples, and modelled after a custom weapon by Bladesmith Dave Baker, our Polish Mace is a masterclass of minimalist design.

Unlike highly decorated "Bulawa or Bulava" or ceremonial and also combat weapons, these simple utilitarian Maces were often plain and unadorned, and tucked into a sash or belt at the waist, ready to be quickly snatched and brought into play as a last-ditch tool for personal-defense.

Bulava maces were worn by Polish kings, nobles, knights and later even by legendary Polish hussars. Bulava maces were also comon in Ukraine and Russia.

Quickly grabbed with either hand, the wielder could use this stout steel Mace to thrust and jab at speed, or swing it to land a heavier (and more devastating) percussive blow.

Small, and surprisingly lightweight, the Polish Mace has a thickly walled hollow handle and a ridged steel bulb shaped head, with a polished brass finial on the crown. Easily customized, modified or wrapped for historical reenactment, this practical Mace is a fun and unusual addition to any collection!

Bulava Features

Overall Length: 18 3/4".
Thick: 1" Shaft / Handle.
Head: 2 1/4" Diameter.
Handle: 6" Steel: 1055 High Carbon.
Weight: 38.6 oz.

Medieval maces and hammers.

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