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Medieval Flail-Three Balls


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Medieval flail-Triple ball flail. Affordable and destructive medieval weapon of knights and Bohemian Hussite warriors.

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Flail-more deadly and more destructive weapon than a common mace

The basic concept of flail is a heavy weight that is attached to the end of a handle by a chain. When this is swung it generates enormous force - much more force than the Mace could deliver. It also had the added advantage of being able to reach over or around armor and shields.

Flail in numerous variations was a favourite weapon of Bohemian Hussites during Hussite wars agains catholic crusaders. Hussites caused terrible loses to unbeatable knight armies.


Flail for historical / stage plays.


Triple Medieval Flail features

Overall Length: 36"
Handle Length: 18"
Spiked Ball: Chrome Plated Cast Metal
Handle: Hardwood Cord Wrapped


Medieval weapons.

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